Adoptable Pet of the Week

  • Wookie wants a wonderful, warm forever home.

    Wookie is currently at the Longmont Humane Society waiting for his forever home. They are partnering with Colorado Pit Bull Rescue to find Wookie his forever home. He is a special dog. Click here to find out more about him!

Start the Change You Want to Be Sponsor - Found Animals Foundation

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Yvonne DiVita

Fabulous job, Miah. Let's get this noticed all over...


I am a pretty proud Mom today. And I should mention that A Gift For Patrick Day was started by the Patrick Movement for NJ. Become a fan on Facebook and tell us what you did!!/event.php?eid=176072132442069&index=1


What a sweet contribution to the Be the Change campaign!

Vicki Cook

Yay Miah - what a great idea! I know that your mother and grandmother are very, very proud of you. :-)


Right On Girl!!! Keep Doin Your Thing!!!


You're a really amazing kid, Miah! I'm so inspired by you and can't wait to see where life takes you! Also very happy you're celebrating Day of Silence. It means a lot to Nikki & I also. Keep it up!

Elizabeth Berry

Really good talk, Miah, and excellent causes. I applaud your "silent" and spoken activism. Keep up this important work.

Janet and Tyson Peck

Well Miah,our soon to be first teenage grandchild!! We are the proudest grandparents of such a special young lady!! You are an amazing person who is already making a difference in this old world.
May God Bless your efforts! Love, Nana and Granddad


Fantastic post, Miah! Thanks so much for participating in Blog the Change. You're doing great things - and you're just getting started!

Amy from and

Kim Thomas

Great post! Your concern and enthusiasm are surely contageous - keep up your work!

Miah Rae

@Yvonne DiVita Grandma, I love you so much without you this would not be possible!I can't thank you enough! Muah
@Chloe (mommy) I don't know how to thank you. You are the one who has helped me keep on going! You should be thanked, so thank you :)
@Vicky Thank you, I truly hope We can be the change and make a change!
@Vicki Cook I think they are and it makes me happy to see all the wonderful faces of those supporting me!
@ASH Thanks Doug! :)
@Ashley thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I really appreciate it, I was silent almost the whole day! Boy is that duct tape sticky!! :)
@Elizabeth Berry Silence is loud! :)
@Janet and Tyson Peck Thanks for your support Nana and Granddad Love you!
@Amy@GoPetFriendly I hope to keep going and keep making a difference! Your support helps greatly!
@Kim Thomas I am planning on getting out many more posts and keep up my work! Please read them! Thanks! :)

Teri and the Cats of Curlz and Swirlz

Miah, you are an amazing young woman, truly 'Blogging the Change' and your compassion and enthusiasm will spread. Thank you for this post and your efforts!


you're awesome!!!!!



Pup Fan

Wonderful message for BtC!


Now that’s stbule! Great to hear from you.


Wow, your post makes mine look feelbe. More power to you!

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