Adoptable Pet of the Week

  • Wookie wants a wonderful, warm forever home.

    Wookie is currently at the Longmont Humane Society waiting for his forever home. They are partnering with Colorado Pit Bull Rescue to find Wookie his forever home. He is a special dog. Click here to find out more about him!

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Yvonne DiVita

That's our Olive, with one eye. She lost the other to infection. She was in a puppy mill and was almost bred to death! Today, she's happy go-lucky and we love her! Thank you, Texas, for standing up for what's right!


This law will not stop the "puppy mills". By goverment deffination a puppy mill is comercial farming operation in which purebred dogs are raised in large numbers. What is considered a large number? And what you call puppy mills dose not register their dogs and the are what you find in pet stores. So do we need to shut the stores down? What about the honest people who cant aford to pay $500 plus to keep thir dogs. Do they kill them, dump them? Not all breeders are bad, but they are the ones who suffer.

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